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Fusion Splicer Fujikura FSM-70S The 70S is the latest

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Survey Komunikasi  berdiri sejak tahun 2008, kami merupakan authorized dealer untuk alat ukur / survey, alat marine, alat geologi, alat uji bahan & alat telkom. Kami memberikan Anda kemudahan untuk membeli segala produk yang berkaitan dengan kebutuhan alat survey, alat pertambangan, alat telekomunikasi & alat perlengkapan kelautan.

Kami hanya menjual product-product yang berkualitas dari brand-brand yang terkenal dibidang masing-masing. Sangat mengutamakan kepuasan pelanggan dan kemudahan dalam service after sale. Product yang kami jual adalah product asli & bergaransi resmi. Karena kami yakin bahwa "Kualitas" adalah "Kepercayaan".

Detail Fusion Splicer Fujikura FSM 70S

Fusion Splicer Fujikura FSM-70S The 70S is the latest addition to Fujikura' s fusion splicer range and has been specifically designed to be more ergonomic, faster and have greater durability than the 60S, reducing splicing time to just seven seconds. The rugged construction design adds improved reliability by resisting shock, rain and dust, allowing it to withstand a 30 inch drop test. Two of the newest features include an automated wind protector and a tube heater which has been developed for quicker splicing cycles and to reduce the number of operational steps. The unit also includes a high-resolution LCD monitor, powerful Li-ion battery for longer operation time and built in videos for on-the-go training Features Fujikura FSM-70S

• Automated and programmable wind protector

• 9-second automated tube heater

• Fully robust for shock, dust and moisture

• Li-Ion battery with 200 splices/ shrinks per charge

• 5 mm cleave length for splice on connector or small package needs

• Sheath clamp or fibre holder operation

• On-board training and support videos

• Internet software upgrades

• Multi-function transit case with integrated workstation Specification:

• Applicable Fibers : Single-mode ( ITU-T G.652) , multimode ( ITU-T G.651) , DS ( ITU -T G.653) , NZDS ( ITU-T G.655)

• Cladding Diameter : 80 mkm to150 mkm

• Coating Diameter : 100 mkm to 1, 000 mkm

• Fiber Cleave Length : 8 to 16mm with 250mkm coating diameter, 16mm with 900mkm coating diameter

• Typical Average Splice Loss: 0.02dB with Sm, 0.01dB with mm, 0.04dB with DS, 0.04dB with NZDS, measured by cut-back method relevant to ITU-T and IEC standards

• Splicing Time : Typical 9 seconds with standard single-mode iber

• Arc Calibration method : Automatic, real-time and by using results of previous splice when in AUTO mode, manual arc calibration function available

• Splicing modes : 100 preset and user programmable modes

• Splice Loss Estimate : Based upon dual camera core alignment data

• Storage of Splice Result : Last 2000 results to be stored in the internal memory

• Fiber Display : X or Y, or both X and Y simultaneously. Front or rear monitor display options with automated image orientation

• Magniication : 300X for single X or Y view, or 187X for X and Y view

• Viewing method : Dual cameras with 4.1 inch TFT color LCD monitor

• Operating Condition : 0 to 5, 000 m above sea level, 0 to 95 % RH and -10 to 50 ฐ C respectively

• Mechanical Proof Test : 1.96 to 2.25N

• Tube Heater : Built-in tube heater with 30 heating modes; auto-start function

• Tube Heating Time : Typical 30 seconds with FP-03 sleeve, 35 seconds with FP3 ( 40) , 35-55 seconds with Fujikura micro sleeves

• Protection Sleeve Length : 60mm, 40mm, micro

• Splice/ Heat Cycles with Battery : Typical 160 cycles with power save functions activated

• Power Supply : Auto voltage selection from 100 to 240V AC or 10 to 15V DC with ADC-11, 13.2V DC with BTR-08 battery

• Terminals : USB 1.1 ( USB-B type) for PC communication. mini-DIN ( 6-pin) for HJS-02/ 03 and SH-8 tube heater

• Wind Protection : maximum wind velocity of 15m/ s. ( 34 mph)

• Dimensions ( W × D × H ) : - 136 × 161 × 143 mm - 5.3 × 6.3 × 5.6 inches

• Weight: - 2.3 kg ( 5.1 lbs) with AC adapter ADC-11; - 2.7 kg ( 5.9 lbs) with BTR-08 battery

• Mr. Fauzi Alkautsar

• HP : 082216908679

• Tlp : 021 7341681

• PIN :  D5A48AAF

• Email :


You are here » ForumToko.Com Pasang Iklan Gratis Jual Beli Online » Jual Elektronik Lainnya » Fusion Splicer Fujikura FSM-70S The 70S is the latest